Contemporary Portrait Artist

The instant gratification of the “selfie” is indisputable, but it can't compare to the timeless appeal of a portrait painted with skill and care. With my artwork I invite the viewers to finish the story with their own memories of a special place or time. I use traditional Chinese Sumi Ink in a nontraditional way with a splash of color.

  • Commission work from all over the country.

  • Assorted Prints sold in a Maine and New York Finger Lakes Region

  • Christmas Cards and occasion cards for Maine businesses

  • Shown in “The Figure Revealed IV” USM 2012

  • Member of Maine Women in the Arts 

  • "History of the Industrial age", historical renderings for Gardner, MA 

  • Home “Portraits” for realtors and builders

  • Illustrations for furniture design

  • Franklin Pierce College, portraiture of past Presidents and Alumni